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Core Services

  • Lease Lines: Flexible financing to lease various equipment, with transaction values ranging from $100K up with our largest client over $40,000,000.

  • Sale Leaseback: Like Fountain Partners, they purchase a company's existing equipment and lease it back to them, injecting working capital into the business.

  • Growth Capital: Non-dilutive funding (meaning it doesn't give up ownership in the company) to complement other funding sources, preserving it for critical business needs.

Additional Services and Highlights

  • End-to-End Asset Management: We offer a full suite of services including equipment procurement, transport, data destruction, and more, streamlining the entire asset lifecycle.

  • Procurement Expertise: Fountain Partners helps clients source and acquire the equipment they need efficiently.

  • Capital Markets Guidance: The Fountain team can guide entrepreneurs on the equity funding environment and recommend equity funds.

  • International Transactions: Fountain can finance equipment located outside the United States. 

  • First Check Focus: Fountain likes to be the first check for non-dilutive financing and has played this role for clients continuously since 2006. 

  • Fountain provides clear and transparent terms and iterates with clients to determine the best repayment options. 

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